General Advisory

In an age of leverage and acute business cycles, businesses and creditors must have access to highly specialized advisory services during periods of expansion and contraction. BCA’s extensive experience in structured transactions and the financial services sector sets the firm apart from others in the investment banking industry. BCA’s executive team has decades of experience at the nation’s largest financial institutions, representing clients issue securities, sell or acquire entities, and representing debtors and creditors in restructurings that range from $100 million out-of-court work-outs to $5 billion bankruptcy proceedings.

BCA is one of the few advisory firms in transactional finance, without conflict or reservation, that can participate in adversarial proceedings against most major lenders, underwriters, and service providers.

BCA also offers due diligence, compliance, and quality-control services. Once clients’  needs and objectives are assessed, a management team develops a comprehensive, customized strategy. Team members can perform detailed reviews of most financial transactions, including acquisitions and capital offerings.

In the retailing arena, BCA has specific expertise in location optimization, operations, cost management, and efficient liquidation of inventories/creditor-side advisory.

Litigation Support

BCA has broad experience working with litigants and their counsel in the financial services sector. Principals have been admitted as expert witnesses and have advised counsel on litigation theories in cases involving financial fraud, market practices, structured finance, securities disclosure, adequacy of due diligence, breaches of representations and warranties, investment banking, capital markets, transaction structures, internal control, corporate organization and responsibility, officer and director liability, and damages.

BCA’s senior professionals have been directly involved in the innovation of numerous financial products, so they can candidly and confidently testify on legal claims tied to the financial crisis and its aftermath. If necessary, principals can challenge the largest financial institutions without conflict or concern over  how testimony will affect other business interests, such as trading or the placement of securities.

Valuation and Business Modeling

BCA has the resources to analyze and value securities, financial assets, and enterprises. Principals’ experience includes valuation of securities with complex, imbedded derivative structures; intellectual property; licensing agreements; corporations; financial institutions; and mergers and acquisitions. They are also well versed in cross-border transactions, fairness opinions, acquisitions, and transactions involving a broad range of asset classes.