BCA was founded in 2014 by industry professionals who worked together for many years. In its first six months of operation, the firm advised numerous government agencies, institutional investors, and private enterprises.

The Company does not trade or participate in the issuance of securities, which allows BCA to remain unconstrained by financial or other interests that could hinder their ability to provide clients with exceptional service and unconflicted advice.

BCA has two primary practice areas:

Financial Services

Financial Services advises clients on specialty finance, investment banking, capital markets, securities, and forensic analysis.

Licensing and Merchandising

Licensing and Merchandising focuses on licensing, branding, and retail.

BCA’s principals have significant advisory experience in their respective fields; have submitted expert testimony in federal and state courts; and have advised investors, corporations, and government entities.

Each client’s assignment receives analytical rigor, senior attention, and customized, unbiased advice.