Financial Services

BCA has advised numerous government agencies, institutional investors, and financial institutions. The experience of BCA’s advisors spans virtually all asset classes, with a specific focus on many types of commercial and consumer loans.

Much of BCA’s capital-market experience involves complex structured situations, including performing and nonperforming assets. Executives advise clients on due diligence, disclosure, market practice, contractual put-back claims, transactional dynamics, and securities offerings.

BCA’s principals have testified as expert witnesses in federal and state courts and are widely recognized for their extensive bankruptcy and restructuring experience. Team members have worked with some of the country’s leading trial attorneys.

Branding, Retailing, and Merchandising

“Over-retailed” has become an industry buzzword. Decisions related to branding, trends, and timing have become increasingly complex, so clients require sound, cogent and fiscally responsible advice.

BCA’s team has worked with some of the nation’s largest brands and retailers to create branding strategies, introduce products in new geographic markets, manage supply chains, develop new concepts, and meet competitive challenges both domestically and internationally. Senior executives have worked with major artists and licensees to develop merchandising and licensing strategies.

Other services include:

  • Digital, new media, and multichannel strategies
  • Private-label product development
  • Analysis of behavioral and purchase data
  • Supply-chain management
  • Sector-specific merchandising plans
  • Effective merchandising and licensing partnerships
  • Brand-diversification and pricing strategies
  • Customer relationship management
  • Employee training and development
  • Global expansion planning and implementation
  • Creditor representation and inventory liquidation